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Full Version: The Thread of Random Happy Babbling About the Stories We Write
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Okay, so I know that we have our blogs, but I've noticed that most of us use these as progress about our fics. I figured that maybe we can use this thread to just gush over random things in our fics, or share snippets of what we've written that we're happy about. 

So, I'll start us off by cackling maliciously over ACOGL. I love writing death and smut. I wrote smut the last two chapters (sort of), and now I'm writing death and doom and gloom and it's SO MUCH FUN. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 

This is literally my expression right now why I'm killing __________ off:

[Image: giphy.gif]
Oooh, I saw this and it just resonated!!! I'm going to babble about the fic I should be writing, LOL, and maybe it'll help me actually get into it? Sound reasonable?

I'm doing a Merlin Reverse Bang on LJ. That means I get to write a story based on a piece of art rather than the other way around. Guys, it's so cool! This one will have Merlin waking Arthur up in Avalon and returning him to what has become of his kingdom. And it's all up to me, mwah ha ha! The picture is so gorgeous! How to do it, how to do it?
*whispers* Maybe the kingdom should be destroyed. There's nothing left. Arthur is heartbroken. Smile2

Orrrr, you know, I could go for the happy one where Gwen is alive and stuff... Wink2
Oh, oh, or they can go to Oz?

Not lol anyway, I've been writing like 5 different stories this month, and all of them are different-ish. But same characters. I was proud of how much progress I made on one of them the other night, the only issue is I kinda got myself stuck, then unstuck, now wondering if I even need that dialogue.

It's been a while since I did some death for fun stories. Maybe I should kill characters more often. Or maybe it's the frustrations of stuckness talking lol
I'm not writing anything at the moment, but I just had to pop in and say something. 

Olim, El, you both are causually talking about killing characters. Meanwhile, there's little old me who has only ever written about a character death once, and it wasn't even in a story but a drabble. MyHeartBrokeIntoSoManyTinyPiecesThatIAmAmazedItStillBeats!  Crying 

One day, I will kill off a character in a story. Just lemme reinforce my heart with steel (and possibly with wood, because sonic screwdrivers don't work on wood, and so if sonic screwdrivers don't work, then surely nothing could get through the wooden barricades?), and then I'll kill a beloved character.

One day...

But for now, I'm going to keep up with my fluff and sunshines and rainbows and daisies.  Silly
Got a whole stack of Harry Potter stuff I'm writing at the moment, and I'm manically sticking sticky tabs in at least four books for all the information that I need. It is fun, though. I enjoyed writing Hermione Granger last night, so I'm going to post that one-shot soon. Oh, and I have some Hermione/Viktor Krum stuff in the works as well, which I've been preparing since last October.
Usually very reluctant to share plot points so have messed around with this a bit to make it a little less spoilery  Blushing

Quote:At the start of my very long story: "There's this exam you have to take and it's really, really hard.  You're going to have to do so much studying."

Much later on:  *New POV character has to take said exam.* So, what's in this test?  It'll be so boring if I go into details, but it's far too important to ignore. So ...

"Actually, we lied, kid.  Exam's a myth.  Congratulations, you've passed.  Be sure to tell all the younger ones how horribly difficult it is, won't you?"

There.  Fixed it!

Devil   Lmao
This may be one of the greatest threads ever. I get to babble and rant about my stories?!? I am GIDDY with glee!!

I'm getting some dental work done today (boo!), but when I get home, I'm writing about poor Sir Lionel in my "Tales of Love" medieval romance series. He's having some issues with early-medieval PTSD and has just messed up EVERYTHING with his beloved. I think today is a good day for angst.
LOL well, I screwed around with the dialogue some more and am somewhat satisfied with where the scene went. Now I just have to muck my way through another possibly dialogue heavy scene in which my cop characters don't realize that all this boy does is sass, snark, and generally avoid doing what authority figures want.

Yup. Not difficult at all. Especially since they think he's just a victim. Heh.

Then there is a who 'nother story featuring the same sets of characters but not related to the one I just talked about lol

Oh, and possibly a third. Because I like this combo a little too much.
Haha I've been writing the same Merlin fanfiction since August last year and after I've killed off both Merlin and Arthur, I've got one last chapter left to fix everything with reincarnated Merlin and Arthur in the future, where Morgana had taken over England Grin2

This was my first time killing Arthur and second time killing Merlin and I made it as painful as it could be because I don't write death nearly as often as I could *evil laughter*
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