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Full Version: Katie McGrath in King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword
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I just saw King Arthur and Legend of the Sword. Katie McGrath was in it. Her part was a bit part. What little she had to do she did an excellent job.  Not at all like Morgana.
I know this entire forum is going away, but just real quick before it does. I watched King Arthur last night, I knew it was her by her voice. Found it kind of funny, too. Guy Ritchie clearly was influenced a bit by our BBC Merlin. Magic eye stuff, magical creature giving advice/powers, Mordred as a evil warlock, jilted jealous family member conspiring with Mordred to take down the kingdom. Magic is illegal and purges. Obviously, it was very different, but I do feel like the liberty they took with the Arthurian Canon was also inspired by BBC Merlin. Obviously they did it totally different, but before the show, I think they might not have chanced it.