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I'm not a big one for resolutions but I do have several things I'd like to accomplish in the new year. I'd love to see what some/all of yours are! Grin2 Then maybe you could come back and report when you accomplish any of them, so we can celebrate with you.

I'll start off: I have 2 current WIP's I need to finish plus I'd like to escape my busy January unscathed!  Rock
Great idea, AJ!

I also would really love to finish two current WIPs, one of which hasn't been touched in a good year. I also want to officially begin an original story. My other goals are less to do with writing and more to do with general life: I want to make the most of my time with my friends during our last semester before we get sent off to our clinical rotations (all of which are most likely in different regions of the state). I also hope to eat healthier and lose at least 5 pounds by summertime.
I want to continue to write, finish and post fic. I'd like to record, edit and post one big podfic project.

And as for non-fandom goals: I want to learn sign language (German).
I usually bite off more than I can chew with New Year's resolutions, so I'm trying to keep it simple this year:

Write at least 15 minutes a day
Draw at least 15 minutes a day
Journal daily

Consistency is the key.  Smile

Beyond that, my other goal is to work quite a bit on this site, especially when it comes to planning activities and bringing in new members. I'll share some promotional ideas within the next few weeks.  Heart

  1. Writing-- Academic papers and 3x originals drafting (mystery fic) are priorities. 
  2. Drawing-- particularly so I can illustrate my work. 
  3. Swimming & T'ai Ch'i
Yeah, I didn't do a great job with my non-writing resolutions last year (my main goal was to be kind to myself...did not really work out!), so I will set new, more reasonable, measurable goals for myself for 2017, and not too many of them.

  • Finish "Queen Audra" original
  • Work on one new (long) fanfiction and one new original

  • Complete two guided meditations per week related to self-compassion and self-forgiveness
  • Adopt a rescue dog
I'd like to finish all my WIPs too, and then start reading more - I need to read 20 books until April 2018 (my graduation) and since I couldn't even read 10 books in 2016, I should seriously start reading more so I can graduate. I'd also like to get better in Physics in school because this past half a year was pretty bad Smile2 Oh and maybe I should try to procrastinate a little less Grin2
I'll probably make a blog post about these in more detail later when I'm not in "holiday, let's party mode". Smile2

  • Finish editing Again, which is 4 chapters long 
  • Finish writing the half-finished mountain of manuscripts. I want to finish at least 3 stories this year.
  • I have posted 3/12 chapters of Protection; I want the rest of it up by the end of the year. 
  • Finish outlining The Dragon Princess 
  • I want to be done, or nearly done, with ACOGL before I go off to university in 2018... which means I need to continue working on it. 
  • Continue writing every day... Actually, all of these can be condensed into this. Lowercase
  • Meet early deadlines for Florida universities; figure out if I feel motivated enough to apply to Princeton or Stanford just to see what happens
  • Answer five questions for the SAT every day since writing every day works well for me- Slow but steady wins the race. 
  • Figure out how to get involved with the Navy or Air Force ROTC 
  • Keep my grades up in the A range- Keep an eye on math especially
  • I'd like to have 3 students to tutor in math, English, piano, and/or Mandarin Chinese. (I'm broadening my horizons. And I want money.)
Heath and Fitness:

So, I want to work really hard to improve my fitness as much as I'm able with my various aches and health restrictions.  It's my 50th in May and the best birthday present I can have is to have people look genuinely shocked when they realise how old I am! Grin  (Already get quite a bit of that and I'm nowhere near as fit as I could be.)  I've given up making a big deal about weight loss but a few pounds off would be very helpful for all sorts of reasons.

Lots of work on my original stories as well as any dabbling in Fanfiction.
More art.  My parents signed me up for a one day course in April and that along with all my pencils and pens should really help keep me motivated.


Work on keeping to and improving my weekly routine, so I can include a little exercise, housework and creativity most days.
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